Built-in product integration system

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Wall panel system

Indoor assembly type aluminum honeycomb composite wall panel system

        The indoor assembled aluminum honeycomb composite wall panel system is composed of a composite unit panel and a keel hooking (or plugging) system. Among them, the unit plate is composed of decorative surface layer, transition plate, sandwich material, bottom layer and other materials. The keel hooking (or plugging) system is composed of the keel and supporting pendants installed on the main structure on site.
        An integrated system that integrates the function of the building's internal envelope structure and the interior decoration effect. From materials to installation technology, it has complete factory production and production standards, and a structural system that plays a role in sound insulation, heat preservation, protection and decoration of buildings. The product integrates the functions of fire prevention, heat preservation, leveling, light weight, waterproof, weather resistance, durability, and environmental protection. It adopts factory production and on-site assembly construction. The product has reliable system quality, excellent thermal insulation performance, and simple installation process. It is an ideal energy-saving, fire-proof and decorative material for the building's inner envelope structure.


Construction Animation

Product Advantages


Quick install

It only takes six steps to install and complete the use.

Such a fast, simple and efficient installation process is the standard for fabricated modular wall systems, and it has also become a trend in modern architectural decoration.


Easy modification

The prefabricated modular wall system has a variety of practical features, and different wall modules can be combined in different ways to provide accurate help for rapid modification



The prefabricated modular wall system meets the requirements of multiple disassembly and assembly; under certain conditions, a specially designed spring structure can be used to connect the top surface and the ground, without damaging the top surface and ground materials, and facilitating non-destructive movement of the wall. In addition, the entire space can be recycled, which not only saves time and costs, but is also more environmentally friendly.


Design compatible

The fabricated wall system can meet the needs of different design styles at the same time.

In terms of raw materials, inorganic environmental protection materials such as steel plate, glass, porcelain plate, calcium silicate plate, etc. can be used;

On the decorative surface, you can choose to use wood grain, plain color, texture, stone grain and other surface effects.


Fire and sound insulation

The prefabricated modular wall system can meet the full standard requirements of modern A-level office space.

Fire performance: It can meet the fire performance requirements of different areas, and the fire protection time is divided into 30min, 60min, and 90min.

Sound insulation performance: It can meet the requirements of sound insulation performance in different areas. The sound insulation levels are divided into 40dB, 45dB, 50dB, and 55dB.


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