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Stone honeycomb panel

Stone honeycomb panel

        The ultra-thin stone honeycomb panel is a high-tech product produced by cutting natural granite and marble into slices of 3 to 5mm thick, and then using foreign aviation composite technology to compound them with aluminum honeycombs. The ultra-thin stone honeycomb panel maintains the beauty of natural stone and overcomes the shortcomings of natural stone such as brittle, fragile and heavy weight. As the high-quality aluminum plate is added as the transition layer between the stone flake and the aluminum honeycomb, the product has stronger impact resistance and bending strength.

        This product is widely used in building curtain walls and indoor and outdoor decoration. It is one of the most advanced green materials in the world today.

Product Advantages


Light weight

16kg/㎡, which is 1/5 of the weight of ordinary stone.Under extreme impact, it will be partially broken, and ordinary stone will be completely broken.


Strong impact resistance

≥17.9 MPa


High bending strength

It is only 1/2 of ordinary stone, and the probability of color difference is reduced by 1/2.


High utilization rate of stone

Standard plate 1200×2400mm


Board size

After ±1200N axial load and 106 anti-fatigue cycle tests, pre-embedded


Strong seismic performance

The M8 bolts are not loose. All are prefabricated in the factory, light in weight, and the installation labor intensity of workers is small.


Fast installation

The speed is twice that of ordinary stone.
The stone honeycomb panel reduces the cost due to the shortened installation time


Low installation cost

The weight of ordinary stone keel is twice that of stone honeycomb panel


Low cost of accessories

Technical Parameter

flat compression strength thickness deviation flatness deviation Bending strength Tensile shear strength Sound insulation
1.0Mpa ±0.5mm ±1.0mm >17.9Mpa  0.67Mpa 32dB


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