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Assembled curtain wall system

Assembled curtain wall system with composite thermal insulation board for workshop

        The composite insulation board assembly curtain wall system for the factory building is composed of unit panels and a hooking system of connectors. Among them, the unit plate is composed of aluminum plate, calcium silicate plate, thermal insulation layer, aluminum cover plate, aluminum buckle strip and sealing waterproof rubber strip.

        In order to achieve the effect of saving resources and reducing costs without changing the appearance effect. The composite thermal insulation board used in the plant has high flatness, good anti-resonance performance, and good sound insulation and heat insulation effect.

        It is widely used in new, rebuilt and expanded plant buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas and hot summer and warm winter areas, and also applicable to energy-saving renovation projects for existing plant buildings.


Construction Animation

Product Advantages


The degree of prefabrication and assembly is high, and the construction period can be shortened by more than 40% compared with the traditional.


Lightweight, novel and beautiful in appearance.


High heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation.


It can be customized and produced according to the requirements of the demander, which can greatly reduce the cost of the building's basic and structural engineering, and can be disassembled many times. The construction and installation are convenient and quick, and the comprehensive benefits are significant.


It has strength, rigidity, stability, impact resistance, and good corrosion resistance. It can be used for enclosure and weight structure.

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