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Aluminum honeycomb composite

Aluminum honeycomb composite insulation board assembly curtain wall

        The aluminum honeycomb composite decorative insulation board assembly curtain wall system is composed of unit panels and a keel hooking system. Among them, the unit plate is composed of a panel, an aluminum honeycomb, an aluminum frame of the unit plate, an insulation layer, and a sealing and waterproof rubber strip. The keel hooking system consists of the keel installed on the main structure of the site and supporting pendants.

        A complete structural system from materials to installation technology that integrates building envelope structure and exterior decoration; it is placed on the outside of the building's exterior wall, and the connection with the base wall is anchored by anchor bolts to keep the building warm , Protective and decorative structure system.


Construction Animation

Product Advantages


Decoration performance

Aluminum honeycomb composite insulation board fabricated curtain wall finishes can be made of fluorocarbon paint, stone, ceramics, etc., with good overall flatness, no peeling, no cracking, and no color difference. Various colors can be customized according to customer requirements for customers to choose .


Safety (fire) performance

The product is A2 grade non-combustible material. The system is light in weight, high in strength, and has good impact resistance. The special anchor construction technology is adopted to make the system installation structure more reasonable. The plate shrinks less, is not easy to warp, and has good wind load and resistance. The tensile strength completely eliminates the possibility of the adhesive insulation board falling off.


Weather resistance

The product will not decompose mildew, no radiation, no pollution, and environmental protection; even in harsh environments such as temperature change, sunshine, rain, frost, severe cold, high temperature, acid and alkali, the stability of the insulation system can be guaranteed. Completed the application of core technologies such as cavity-free design, breathing technology, and waterproof technology of the entire system.


Waterproof performance

The aluminum honeycomb composite insulation board fabricated curtain wall system adopts a unique closed-cell structure, so that the entire system has a ventilation channel design, which can discharge the water vapor that may exist in the cavity from the inside to the outside, so that the wall has the function of autonomous breathing.


Insulation performance

The product effectively solves the hot and cold bridge phenomenon of the wall. The insulation layer uses rock wool with extremely low thermal conductivity to prevent heat energy from being transferred through heat conduction.

Performance index of aluminum honeycomb composite insulation board fabricated curtain wall

Inspection items Performance indicators
Weather resistance Appearance No dust, bulging, blistering, shedding, no cracks with a width greater than 0.1mm
Panels and insulation materials
Tensile bond strength/kpa
Tensile bond strength/Mpa ≥10kpa, the damage department should be located in the insulation material
Thermal resistance (m2·K/W) gives the thermal resistance value
Freeze-thaw resistance Appearance No visible cracks, no chalking, hollowing, peeling phenomenon
Tensile bond strength/kpa ≥10
Wind pressure resistance Level 4
Air tightness performance Level 4
Watertight performance Level 3
Interlayer deformation performance Level 5
Impact resistance Level 2

Inspection Report

Inspection report

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