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Hospital decoration applicatio

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Hospital prefabricated built-in integrated system

         The prefabricated overall interior solution in the medical field can be applied to areas such as wards, consultation rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, aisles, and nurse stations.

         Through integrated design-factory prefabrication of parts and components-centralized logistics-on-site assembly-operation and maintenance, a healthy, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly medical space can be quickly created.


Product Advantages


Integrated design

BIM guidance
Industrial Design Collaboration
Building, structure, electromechanical pipeline, interior, and other systems
Standardization, Modular Coordination
Design guidance, few changes, controllable comprehensive cost


Industrial production

Industrial design guides the production of parts and components
Process standards ensure the quality of parts and components
Accuracy reaches 0.1mm
Standardization, modularization
Controllable production cycle of parts and components


Assembly construction

High assembly rate
Significantly shortened engineering cycle
Safe and reliable quality
High degree of BIM application
Less changes, controllable cost and duration


Information management

Building life cycle management
Parts have "ID card"
Exclusive building database system
Exclusive project management ERP system
Exclusive parts production MES system


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